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Marriage Enrichment Through Dance™ exists to serve married couples through a variety of classes and events designed to strengthen relationships and teach lifelong skills.   This is accomplished by using partnership dancing as a wonderful metaphor for how couples can build and maintain a strong and lasting marriage.

Whether you choose a class or event that focuses on marriage and dancing only, or a Christian faith-based class or event that digs even deeper into God's desire for strong marriages, you and your spouse are sure to not only have fun while learning a new skill, but draw closer to one another and recharge your marriage.

The Marriage Enrichment Through Dance™ program has been attended by hundreds of couples of all ages and is available to individual couples as well as churches and organizations.


 Marriage Enrichment Through Dance™ 2015
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Why Dancing?

Dance Classes are a great way for couples to reconnect with their spouses in an environment that encourages communication, quality time and physical touch.

While learning how to dance, couples will enjoy a weekly time set aside for a "date night"...spending time together, having fun and focusing only on one another.

Learning to dance provides an opportunity to improve communication with your partner and express yourself creatively and physically while working toward a common goal.


Marriage Enrichment Through Dance

Upcoming Events

Wylie Social Dance Center
January 6, 2015
Dancer Strong Academy
January 9, 2015

Level 2 Country
Dancer Strong Academy
January 9, 2015
Romantic Valentine's Day Bolero
Dancer Strong Academy
February 14, 2015