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Kathleen Kendrick - Founder

The Marriage Enrichment Through Dance™ program was developed in 2005 by Kathleen Kendrick, a professional ballroom dance instructor in McKinney, Texas. 

The program is designed to bring couples closer together through use of basic ballroom dancing, as well as activities that encourage:

- Communication
- Intimacy
- Quality time together
- Fun
- Romance
- Teamwork

Kathleen began teaching in 1988 and through the years has taught thousands of couples to share the joy of dance. 

"I continue to be amazed by the non-dance related benefits each couple can receive through their experiences on the dance floor.  It is truly a blessing for me to have the opportunity to teach this program and to watch as couples grow together through laughter, physical touch and setting time aside to focus on their relationship."

In order to create beautiful and graceful movements on the dance floor, couples must first develop good partnership skills.  These skills include: a strong frame, an understanding of their defined roles, great communication skills, trust, patience and much more.  As these skills are being taught on the dance floor, the METD program seeks to allow dancing to be used as a metaphor for all of the necessary skills required to build a strong and lasting marriage.  You and your spouse will have a great time connecting with one another in a very unique and FUN way, while also learning how to dance, which is a skill you can use together for a lifetime!

The Marriage Enrichment Through Dance™ program is offered as a six-week session or as a Weekend Retreat at various locations in the McKinney area.

6 - Week Seesion Tuition - $199 per couple
Weekend Retreat Tuition - $295 per couple

Kathleen can also bring this program to your church, company or other organization.

Marriage Enrichment Through Dance